Current Projects

  1. NRI Large: Collaborative Research: Human-robot Coordinated Manipulation and Transportation of Large Objects, NSF National Robotics Initiative program
  2. Robust, Building Scale Odometry, Mapping, and Relocalization on a Mobile Platform. Google-ATAP, "Project Tango"
  3. RI: Large: Collaborative Research: A Robotic Network for Locating and Removing Invasive Carp from Inland Lakes, NSF
  4. CHASE: Control of Heterogeneous Autonomous Sensors for Situational Awareness, AFOSR FY 2010 MURI Topic #18 Control of Information Collection and Fusion

Past Projects

  1. Robotics-Mobile Robot Navigation, NASA STTR
  2. Distributed Estimation and Active Sensing with Mobile Robot Networks
  3. Coupled Vision and Inertial Navigation for Pin Point Landing
  4. Autonomous Stair Climbing
  5. An Indoor Localization Aid for the Visually Impaired
  6. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  7. 3D Localization for Mars Rovers
  8. Estimation within the CLARAty Architecture
  9. Weighted Laser Scan Matching
  10. Safe and Precise Landing
  11. Mars Exploration Rover
  12. Navigation on Slopes
  13. Tactical Mobile Robot
  14. Collision Detection
  15. Fault Detection and Identification for Mobile Robots